Asheville Event Paintings

Fine art paintings done live at weddings and other special events

Pastel portrait of a bride

Frequently Asked Questions

What do your packages include?

The basic package starts with a 24”x30” oil on canvas painting or a 22”x30” watercolor.  We will decide beforehand what the subject matter will be.  I will come to the location a couple of hours early, set up my equipment and supplies, and paint throughout the event.  I’ll take the artwork back to the studio for final finishing and touchup.  I’ll send you photos of the finished painting.  When you approve it, I’ll deliver it to you.

How much will it cost?

Prices can range from $1,800 for a 22”x30” watercolor to well over $5,000 for a large oil on canvas.  The most popular package, as described above (a 24”x30” oil on canvas) is $2,500.  From there, it all depends on your desires and needs.  Different sizes, travel, shipping, options such as notecards, and so on, all must be figured into the price.  Contact me for a current pricing guide.  I update it fairly frequently, usually to add more requested options or make it easier to understand.

Which is better: watercolor or oil on canvas?

That’s really a matter of personal taste.  I find that, for a formal event, oil on canvas is generally more appropriate.  It has a gravitas and presence that is well suited to the formality of a wedding.  Watercolor is a more spontaneous and improvisational technique.  I find that it is better suited to birthday parties and other light-hearted events.

Can we get the painting in a different size?

Absolutely!  You can have almost any size painting you want.  Most are between 24”x30” to 30”x40”, but you can go larger or smaller.  Note that smaller artworks still require considerable time and effort, so they are not necessarily much less expensive.

What options do we have?

The sky’s the limit, really.  In addition to different sizes, you can have it framed, order giclee prints or notecards, have more than one painting of the event, or have portraits made.

What is your painting style?

My style is traditional realism.  I want my figures to have good likenesses and a lot of life.  Getting both requires a lot of work, which is why I take it back to the studio for finishing.

What areas do you serve?

Primarily North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and southwest Virginia, but I can go pretty much anywhere in the US.  If your event is more than two hours from Asheville, I will have to charge for travel.  Don’t worry, I’m very reasonable!

What equipment do you need?

I provide my own equipment and supplies.  I will need a small area, about 6’x6’, to set up, and a wall plug for electricity.

How do we book you?

Go to the Contact Page and let’s start talking!  When we’re clear on what the project entails, then we’ll sign a contract and lock it in with a 10% deposit.  The balance and any travel, shipping, and other costs are due prior to the event.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes!  I will work with you to make sure you like the results.  If, despite all that, you still don’t like the painting, I will keep it and refund all but the deposit and travel costs.