Asheville Event Paintings

Fine art paintings done live at weddings and other special events

The Process

We will start by talking about your vision for the event so that I can understand what is most important to you.  For a wedding, that might be the vows, the kiss, or the first dance.  We will decide on the moment (or moments) that the painting will focus on.  We'll secure the date and plans with a deposit.  I will then coordinate with your wedding planner so that your planner and I can work together make your event as smooth as possible.

On the day of the event, I will arrive a few hours ahead of time to set up, begin composing the painting, and preparing the background.  I will find a small area, about 6'x6', for my easel and other equipment.  It will be where I can see clearly but will be out of the way of you and your guests.  During the event, I will continue to draw, paint, and take reference photos.  The painting will come alive as figures begin to fill out the canvas.  I enjoy talking with people about painting, art, and many other topics, so your guests will be free to stop by often and see the artwork develop.  

By the end of the event, the painting will appear completed.  For it to meet my high standards, though, I will take it back to my studio for final finishing.  I will send images of the completed painting via email for your approval about 2-4 weeks later.  After you confirm that you’re happy with it, the finished painting will be delivered.  

You may want me to create a portrait or two as well.  For portraits, I work from photos that I take myself.  We will decide a time and place for a photo session - maybe at the event or separately, maybe formal or informal.  I'll then create the portrait in the studio.  As with the event painting, once you approve it, I will deliver it to you.

Artist mixing paint for a live wedding painting